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Innovation at Ammonite is not really a huge issue, it’s just a way of life. If something can be done better, needs to be done, if technology can assist or simplify tasks, learning activities or processes, if administration procedures can be automated - then it's just done, without fuss. It’s just a way of life for us.

There has been much debate of late about whether the White Card course can be done online in a way that addresses the concerns raised by the recent ASQA White Card review.(See the ASQA White Card review.)

These concerns need be addressed as they have implications for the future of e-learning.

Our Training Organisation Management System is a complete package able to be rebranded to suit any RTO or organisation.

Rebranding in our case is not limited to changing logos and selecting a new colour scheme. Instead we can design a site for your company, and it can look exactly how you want it to look.