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RPL, we know what it is and we know the benefits to the individual and the broader society by acknowledging that a person’s formal, non-formal and informal skills and experience can contribute to a person meeting competency standards.

We know too, that up until now, it has been a cumbersome, inefficient process that has the potential to scare students and burry trainers in endless paperwork.

Ammonite is pleased to announce that it has released its RPL+ system which automates and streamlines the RPL process in an easy and transparent way that ensures that everyone knows precisely where the process is at.

Trainers can swap between traditional modes and RPL mode in a matter of seconds. Students or trainers can then upload 3rd Party Reports (or any other evidence), enter their work history and they then have access to conversational questions about any unit and the trainers have access to expected benchmark responses.

The RPL+ system is suitable for whole qualifications (we have over 100 qualifications ready to go) or for individual units or short courses.

Finally, there is a tool that makes RPL easy for the student and trainer while providing confidence in the RPL process.