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Last year I wrote about mobile first, learning by doing and flexible training, so as the co-founder of an Australian owned LMS what are my predicted EdTech trends for 2022?

The Australian Online Education market was valued at 7.9 billion in 2021, with a growth of 8.2% in 2021 alone (Ibis World 2021)

This article highlights my predictions on EdTech trends in Australia for 2022.

Did you know in Richardson v Oracle Corporation Australia Pty Limited the Federal Court of Australia ordered Oracle to pay $100,000 for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life to an employee who was sexually harassed at work despite the fact the workplace had paid for Sexual Harassment Awareness training for their employees.

This was because the online training was not up to scratch!

This article highlights what to look for in sexual harassment training and what Ammonite's resources can offer your business as added extras with its online employee Sexual Harassment prevention training.

How do you engage learners in an online course?

Ammonite's co-founder, Tim Harris, initially trained and worked as a builder, he enjoyed teaching and started teaching Carpentry at TAFE. During this time as a TAFE teacher Tim pioneered the use of technology in the classroom to help his students learn and engage. He started Ammonite in 2013 with guiding principles grounded around technology, vocational education, teaching and technology.

This article explores Tim's top six tips on how to write an engaging online course.

What features are most important when choosing an LMS for your RTO?

Working with Learning Management Systems (LMS) as a learning designer across three large institutions for 10 years as well as being a student using different systems has really helped me to understand what's required of an LMS for staff and students.

This article discusses the top questions RTOs should be asking and the features they should be demanding from their LMS.

Did anyone read the Australian last weekend? Helen Trinca wrote an article exposing how KPMG Australia spent millions on online compliance training for their staff only to experience issues with cheating and mass answer-sharing resulting in a fine in excess of over half a million dollars.

In the classroom, facilitators are critical to the delivery of any course but I think we must be honest that even the best and most experienced facilitators can have off days and their delivery/support can vary, Importantly, though not every facilitator is the best and most experienced so the quality of delivery can vary greatly which is where the power of well designed online training lies: great course material, no way of gaming assessment, meaning excellent learning every time around for all students.

This article discusses how, with a properly designed Learning Management System (LMS), online training is valid and authentic every time.