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Ammonite’s VET in Schools program enables schools to deliver Certificate l in Construction and Certificate l in Furnishing utilising intuitive and engaging learning resources that provides high quality, standardised training and assessments to all students.

Each school will receive their own customised version of our industry leading platform where students, teachers and administrators can login without leaving the school’s web page.

At Ammonite, we have adapted our Certificate Verification QR Codes to produce a student card designed to streamline the management of Site Specific Inductions.

The card can be scanned by a site supervisor with a smart phone to view a live profile of the person complete with photo, contact information, a full academic history and copies of other certificates and high risk work licences.

This video show you how a universal solution can be implemented by encrypting QR Codes and therefore restricting their use to an official smartphone app.

This would make it possible for anyone to verify a certificate within seconds, saving time and money. The solution is incredibly cheap to implement, and would work equally well on all certificates, whether they are printed on paper or exist digitally such as PDF's.