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With the fast move to online education what are institutions doing to ensure fairness, flexibility, validity and reliability, particularly when it comes to forms of online assessment such as online quizzes and online exams?

What's stopping Sue from completing John's assessment when the entire course is completed online?

Over 50% of web traffic is on mobile phones, if your LMS isn't designed for mobile it isn't designed for learners. In other words, "how people access online matters, a lot..”

2020 changed how people view education and what is possible. Online education is something that needs to be seen differently than face to face education. A face to face course cannot simply be made online and effectively designed online courses require careful thought and designer for users.

Today's article explores online trends that need to be considered for online educators and Learning Management System (LMS) designers in 2021.

Ammonite have been instrumental doing presentations around the country showcasing the design principles behind the platform, especially to stakeholders in the construction industry.

In particular we focus on how Ammonite's Validity and Authenticity Technology (VAT) is used to support clause 1.8 of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) standards on effective assessments, namely:

  1. Addressing the principles of assessment including fairness, flexibility, validity and reliability

  2. Applying the rules of evidence including authenticity and validity

If you are attending the 2019 National VET Conference make sure you drop in and see the Coba Creative team. Coba have developed some exceptional resources across various training packages. We are very proud to have Coba's assessment and learning resources available in Ammonite. They have an extraordinary talent for producing polished and engaging multimedia whilst focusing heavily on making their resources compliant and up-to-date.