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In the bustling world of educational content creation, many educators and course creators often feel encumbered by the complexities associated with developing units or courses. The quest for a comprehensive, user-friendly platform can seem endless, especially when one wants to ensure their content is engaging, accurate, and relevant.

Discover the Process

For a vivid, step-by-step overview of how Ammonite can elevate your content creation game, we invite you to watch our short video:

Why Ammonite?

Ammonite is not just another educational platform. It's a holistic solution designed to streamline unit development, making the creation of educational courses effortless. Let’s delve deeper

  1. Diverse Task Types: Unlike other platforms, Ammonite boasts a wide range of task types. Whether you're looking for Computer Marked, Trainer Marked with video responses, RPL evidence, Scorm, Practical, or Observation checklists, Ammonite has got you covered.
  2. Content Customisation: At the heart of Ammonite's success is its adaptability. Users have the freedom to add, edit, and contextualise content so it aligns seamlessly with their organisation's ethos.
  3. A Plethora of Content Options: Flexibility is key. Whether you wish to use your own content, develop original content via Ammonite, or explore a vast reservoir of resources and assessments from the Ammonite royalties program, the choices are abundant.
  4. Royalty Rewards and No Licence Fees: For content creators, the benefits are twofold. If you produce your own content, you're exempt from licence fees. Moreover, by making your content available to others, you can join the royalties program and earn from every use.
  5. Optimised for Time: Short on time? With Ammonite's 'Question Searcher', find pre-existing questions, use them as they are, or duplicate and personalise them, crediting the original author.
  6. Compliance Ready: For Registered Training Organisations (RTO), Ammonite ensures you can easily adhere to compliance requirements.

Ready to Dive In?

If you're on the lookout for a comprehensive, innovative solution to revolutionise your course creation process, look no further. Embrace the future of educational content creation. Join Ammonite today and become a part of the revolution.

Ammonite: Your Partner in Simplified Learning.