Learner Dashboard

Enrol, pay invoices, do quizzes, book workshops, track workplace activities and more.

  • Responsive design - works on any device
  • Workplace Activity Recorder - record and document practical activities on the job, simulated worksite, or classroom/workshop

Employer Dashboard

Monitoring students

Tools designed for employers to monitor the training of their apprentices/staff.

  • Track learners
  • Access Certificates
  • Pay for courses
  • Sign documents such as Training Plans, Employer Resource Assessments (ERAs) and Third Party Reports

Educator Dashboard

Monitoring learners

Tools designed to enrol and setup learners, customise training plans, mark assessments, pay invoices and more.

  • Send SMS / MMS / Emails
  • Training Plans - eg DESBT and NSW Smart and Skilled
  • Payment gateways including Stripe, eWay, PayPal and Payway
  • ERAs

Admin Dashboard

Reporting - AVETMISS reporting, funding claims, Xero export, feedback reports (AQTF and more), design PDFs including certificates, setup email / SMS notifications and more!

  • AVETMISS reporting - NCVER, CSQ, DESBT, Smart and Skilled
  • Certificate customisation - create and customise certificates.
  • State funding claim importer
  • Xero export
  • AQTF learner and employer questionnaires
  • Feedback - including video feedback from learners

Course Design Dashboard

Create and setup courses, quizzes, workplace activities and workshops.

  • Computer marked question types including multi-choice, true / false, fill in the blanks, click in order, custom HTML
  • Trainer marked question types including video response, short answer, upload assessment, long answer, custom HTML
  • SCORM 1.2 compatible
  • LTI Provider and Consumer
  • Question mapping - map assessments to the unit of competency
  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy support and mapping to the ACSF levels 1-4

Staff Profile Dashboard

Allows educators to stay compliant by recording their competency and currency, backed up by powerful reporting.

  • Record vocational and teaching competencies
  • Record industry accreditations and licences
  • Track work history
  • Record vocational and teaching currency activities
  • Powerful vocational competency and currency mapping reports
  • Supervision agreements and individual plans
  • Reporting across teams, regions or the entire organisation

RTO Management Dashboard

Tools for managing your RTO and tracking your compliance items including registers and validations.

  • Training and Assessment Strategies (TAS)
  • Monitor and record standards for RTOs
  • Assessment validations
  • Industry validations
  • Manage meetings
  • Setup and manage branches
  • Permissions and roles
  • Registers - complaints and appeals, risk management, workplace hazards and workplace incidents
  • Settings - configure USI Auskey/RAM access