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Content rich, customisable FREE online Safe Work Method Statements SWMS/JSA calculator will save hours of time. Created by an Australian company by people who have worked in the construction industry. Get Yours Today!

The Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) are written risk assessments used throughout every construction trade in Australia to manage risk. For a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) delivering construction training, it is important that students are trained in how to create a simple, accurate SWMS.

How can I save time and effort putting together a risk assessment?

Continuing with our passion of developing innovative solutions to make learning more engaging for students, easier for trainers and simpler for Registered Training Organisations, we have just released a great tool builders and students working in the construction industry in Australia.

Introducing Ammonite’s SWMS/JSA Generator. This digital tool simplifies the process of creating a SWMS and JSA.

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Most people usually associate these risk assessments with hours spent writing reams of hand-written documents or paying for finnicky pre-made templates that do not quite match up to the task at hand. With this new tool, that experience is a thing of the past!

How the Free SWMS Generator works

Students and their trainers can work together to select the type of work being performed on a construction site. The generator will automatically suggest relevant steps, risks and control measures that apply to the task. Once complete, the student can sign digitally and save their new SWMS or JSA as a PDF document.

Our SWMS Generator video (4:45) explains this new tool’s powerful capabilities:

Real world learning in the construction industry

The SWMS tool has amazing functionality for RTOs that provide training in the construction industry. RTO Inscope Training has begun using the Ammonite SWMS/JSA Generator to help teach apprentices how to create a SWMS or JSA in their own workplaces as part of their learning.

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Help Ammonite help your RTO

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