Create your free customised Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS).

Enter your details and follow the simple steps below to create your free Ammonite SWMS. Once you have finished you can email the completed form to yourself or others.

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STEP 1 - Enter your job details
STEP 2 - Click on the types of PPE needed for your job

PPE required for this job :

Likelihood InsignificantMinor ModerateMajorSevere
almost certain This event is expected to occur in most circumstances MediumHigh ExtremeExtremeExtreme
likely This event will probably occur in most circumstances Mediummedium highExtremeExtreme
occassional This event will occur at some time lowmedium highhighExtreme
unlikely This event could occur at some time lowlow mediumhighhigh
rare This event may occur only in exceptional circumstances lowlow lowmediummedium
For emergency response call '000' or follow your site-specific emergency response procedures.
STEP 3 - Create your SWMS
Select the type of high-risk work being performed.
Then choose your steps, risks, controls, and risk ratings.

Select types of work being performed:

STEP 4 - Enter your compliance and review details (optional)
STEP 5 - Save and email completed form to yourself or others