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The old proverb, “Self-praise is no recommendation” is very true. So while we at Ammonite are passionate about the innovations that are being continuously implemented into the Ammonite TOMS learning platform and the automation of almost everything that can be automated, it is great to see our platform come through the rigours of audits from multiple organisations without any non-compliances and as yet, not even a suggested improvement.

To survive in today’s competitive market RTO’s not only need to meet the requirements of the Standards but they need to be able to do this efficiently. The development team at Ammonite continually scrutinise every process and procedure that RTO’s are required to undertake and endeavour to implement ways to streamline those processes.

An example of this is the dreaded Assessment Validation process. This process is so quick and efficient that they are a pleasure to do. The system does all of the hard work of selecting the appropriate number of students from any course, compiles all of the evidence and assigns the assessment decisions to the validation trainers who can review these at their leisure.

A summary of these reviews are automatically collated for access by the Validation Committee.