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Looking to improve your VET in schools program? in a manner that allows the schools to deliver engaging online Interested in delivering online training, but concerned about doing it correctly? In this webinar, we will show you how Ammonite can assist you to deliver online training... with confidence.

  • Increases student engagement and retention;
  • Reduces teachers' administration (teachers to student ratio in excess of 1:200);
  • Reduces administration costs (administration officer to student ratio in excess of 1: 2,000);
  • Produces higher quality learning outcomes;
  • Increases teachers' ability to provide personalised attention to students;
  • Simple for staff and students to use; and
  • Reduces th
In the white card course, the skills that needed addressing were specifically identified as verbal communication skills.

The primary risks identified were with regard to:
• Risk 1: The authenticity of the student
• Risk 2: The validity of the assessment processes

Risk control measures.

When: Wednesday 3rd of December at 1:00pm Queensland time (2:00pm AEDT).

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