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Massive Open Online Course - Does the success and incredible growth of MOOC’s have any implications for the VET Sector?

Last Sunday on Ockham’s Razor Professor Jim Barber, Vice Chancellor of the University of New England in Armidale presented a fascinating program on growth and growth of MOOC’s. He believes that they are having such an impact that they are “knocking the foundations out from under traditional universities”. In particular he believes that the ‘double – o’ in the acronym is the really revolutionary part and that they actually stand for ‘open and online’.

The online component of MOOC courses means that courses are now delivered off campus and this will mean, in future, that there will be less of a need for bricks and mortar infrastructure – with the associated expenses.

As universities from around the world seek to remain relevant and competitive there is a huge opportunity/challenge for them and indeed deliverers of training in the VET sector. to embrace this innovation. After all we are supposed to be the leaders in innovation in education.

Listen to the program or read the full article: here.