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This article highlights Ammonite's new compliance tool set and how will this will improve process and compliance for RTOs.

Did you know the Australian Skills Quality Authority's (ASQA’s) regulatory experience and successive strategic industry reviews show that Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) frequently struggle to comply with clauses 1.5, 1.6 and 1.8?

Many RTO's were unable to demonstrate evidence of engaging with industry and employers to test that their training and assessment strategies and practices are relevant. Some also have difficulty showing how their RTO’s practice aligns with your assessment system and validation plan. This calls into question the integrity of the qualifications issued and in the long term can have a detrimental effect on student and employer confidence in the outcomes of the training system.

This article highlights Ammonite's new compliance tool set and how will this will improve process and compliance for RTOs.

Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS)

We have redesigned the Ammonite TAS Module to bring it inline with everything you expect from Ammonite.

It includes:

  • Simple interface with powerful editing controls
  • Has full version control history including who, when and what they have changed
  • Built in approval process
  • a host of digital tools including the ability to pull information from a parent or other TAS
  • Links into other parts of Ammonite


Validation assessment reports have been upgraded to our new digital document system and a validation scheduler has been added

Industry consultations

The industry consultations have been upgraded to the new digital document system and includes the tracking of actions or outcomes from these engagements.

Customisable and template based

Everything is templated: All TAS, validation reports and industry consultations have built-in templates. Ammonite can evolve and add to these templates over time, as an example, we have built templates for TAFE SA, Box Hill Institute and the Bendigo Kangan Institute.

Policy and Procedures

To top it all off Ammonite has also added policy and procedures to the document system that boasts the same features such as automated version control history.

Want to see more?

Is your RTO happy with your LMS and what is is providing?

Contact our friendly team with your questions or to see the compliance features we can offer your RTO.


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