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Vocational Education and Training or VET in Schools program enables schools to deliver Certificate level courses

Ammonite’s VET in Schools program enables schools to deliver Certificate l in Construction and Certificate l in Furnishing utilising intuitive and engaging learning resources that provides high quality, standardised training and assessments to all students.

Each school will receive their own customised version of our industry leading platform where students, teachers and administrators can login without leaving the school’s web page.

Units are divided into small bite sized tasks that the students can undertake when they are ready. The tasks are designed to ensure that the student’s interest is maintained. The assessments have been developed using Ammonite’s Validity Assessment Technology which ensures that everyone has confidence in the results. The system also allows for webcams to be incorporated which ensures the validity of the users.

Our system allows teachers to monitor each student’s progress. This enables them to work with students who need a bit of extra encouragement or assistance.

Ammonite’s platform is great for audit compliance too as it dynamically records all AVETMISS data, continuous improvement for each item of each unit, trainer’s professional development, competency mapping and much more.

Login to our VET in Schools site to experience it:

Vet In Schools