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A significant milestone was passed this week with more than 70,000 views of e-learning objects or SCO’s from the Ammonite Marketplace.

Ammonite’s Marketplace now hosts nearly 1,400 learning objects created by an ever greater number of passionate content and multimedia experts.

It’s now common knowledge that the best retention rates and learning outcome for students is achieved when courses delivered to students is done utilising engaging multimedia. Generally training using just PDF’s and other text based documents just doesn’t cut it. Students are not engaged, they get bored and they drop out. The down side of multimedia though is that it slow and expensive to create.

That’s why Ammonite created its Marketplace. This is where people with content knowledge, talent and/or multimedia skills can upload their resources. The resources can be filtered and viewed by anyone.

They simply ‘plug-in’ to any instance of the Ammonite Platform. The authors and/or creators receive are rewarded for their efforts and RTO's and other companies can quickly have high quality engaging courses - everybody wins.