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CPCCWP3004: Apply waterproofing remedial processes

Plan and prepare to apply waterproofing system to below ground level wet areas.
Select waterproofing system.
Apply waterproofing remedial process and techniques.
Clean up
Knowledge evidence
Practical Activities
Practical Task 1 - Crack in Concrete or Masonry
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Practical Task 2 - Cracked Wall/Floor Junction
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Practical Task 3 - Rising Damp
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Practical Task 4 - Live Leak
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Practical Task 5 - Damaged Waterproofing Membrane
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CPCCWP3001 Observation Checklist - Remedial Waterproofing
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Apprentice Finalisation
Apprentice/Learner Declaration and Feedback
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Trainer Sign-off 1 - Administrative/Compliance checks
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