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Apply legal requirements to building and construction projects

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Apply the laws relating to builder licensing or registration
Relevant State and Federal Legislation
Complying with Business Registration Responsibilities
RESEARCH: Builders Licensing Legislation
Organisational responsibilities
Apply OHS legislation and provisions on site
Complying with OHS Responsibilities
Work Health and Safety Acts
Work Health and Safety Regulations
Duty of Care
National Safety Standards
National Code of Practice for Induction Training
Regulatory Signage
Signage and barricades
First Aid Kits
Apply the codes, Acts, regulations and standards relevant to construction
Building Code of Australia
Comply with Australian Standards
Code of Practice
Due diligence
Environmental legislation
Environmental Protection Requirements
Environmental considerations
Disposal of Litter and Debris
Site Disturbance and Dust
Noise Control
Noise Prevention
Comply with insurance and regulatory requirements for housing construction
ACTIVITY: Research Insurance for Building Projects
Apply legislation to financial transactions
Taxation Registrations
Taxation record keeping requirements
Calculating GST
Activity Statements
Meet building contract obligations
Tendering for contracts
Apply industrial relations policies and obligations relevant to housing construction
Construction workers employment conditions
RESEARCH: Award rates
Bullying at Workplaces
Employer Training Responsibilities
Informing Employees
Apply dispute resolution processes
Dispute Resolution Methods
ACTIVITY: Create a WHS Management Plan
ACTIVITY: Site Signage
SUMMARY: Applying Relevant Standards and Codes
ACTIVITY: Insurance Cover
RESEARCH: Worker's Compensation
ACTIVITY: Creating a Contract
Complying with Contracts
ACTIVITY: Sub-contractor Requirements
SCENARIO: Anti-discrimination and Equal Opportunity
SCENARIO: Dispute Resolution Procedure
SCENARIO: Quality of Finish Issue
Unit Completion Procedure

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