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Manage small business finances


Record Keeping Requirements
Why Keep Financial Records?
Record Keeping Formats and Time Periods
Taxation Record Keeping Requirements
Other Record Keeping Requirements
Benefits of Good Financial Record Keeping
How to Keep Good Financial Records
Recording Business Activities
Documenting Business Activities
What Should be Documented
Benefits of Documenting Business Activities
Basic Financial Concepts
Purpose of a Finance System
Bookkeeping and Accounting Activities
Bookkeeping Methods
Chart of Accounts
Account Types
Debits and Credits
Contra Accounts
Recording Business Transactions
Methods of Accounting
Maintaining Financial Records
Types of Journals
General Ledger
Subsidiary Ledgers
Trial Balance
Financial Statements
Purpose of Financial Statements
Users of Financial Statements
Balance Day Adjustments
Profit and Loss Statement
Purpose of a Profit and Loss Statement
Components of a Profit and Loss Statement
Balance Sheet
Purpose of a Balance Sheet
Components of a Balance Sheet
Cashflow Statement
Purpose of a Cash Flow Statement
Components of a Cash Flow Statement
Business Planning
Uses of a Business Plan
Financial Planning
Budgets or Forecasts
Cash Flow Forecasts
Estimating Cash Flow
Impacts on Cash Flow
Components of a Cash Flow Forecast
How to Forecast
Comparing Actual Results to Forecast
Financial Indicators or Ratios
Financial Ratios and Benchmarks
Profitability Ratios
Liquidity Ratios
Financial Efficiency Ratios
Financial Stability Ratios
Productivity Ratios
Capital Funding
Identifying Capital Requirements
Sources of Capital Funding
Obtaining and Managing Business Finance
Working Capital
Credit Management
Developing a Credit Policy
Considerations when Offering Credit
Credit Management
Establishing Trading Terms
Credit Limits
Payment Terms
Debt Recovery
Doubtful and Bad Debts Journal Entries
Assessing Aged Debtors
Taxation Requirements
Understanding Taxation Requirements and Obligations
Business or Hobby?
Business Structures
Taxation Registrations
Tax Returns and Tax Payable
Activity Statements

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