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Enter and work in confined spaces


Plan and Prepare
Planning and preparing for confined space activities
What is a Confined Space?
Safety data sheets
SDS Interpretation - PVA
Entry Permits confined space
Confined spaces signs and barriers
Confined space emergency response
Control Measures for Hazards in a Confined Space
Assessing Risks in a Confined Space
Other Common Hazards in a Confined Space
Working in confined spaces
Enter and exit confined spaces
Inspecting a confined space
Confined Space Air Monitoring
Tagging and Lock-out procedures confined spaces
Confined space communication
Atmospheric Hazards in Confined Spaces
Sources of Ignition
Complete an entry permit
Clean up
Environmental considerations
Disposal of Litter and Debris
Practical Assessment
Workshop booking

Example Resources

There are 20 different videos used throughout this unit. Here's three picked at random: