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Show leadership in the workplace


Model high standards of management performance and behaviour
Ensure management performance and behaviour meets the organisation's requirements
Ensure management performance and behaviour serves as a positive role model
Organisational plans
Performance plans
Performance plan format
Negotiating performance plans
Key performance indicators
Monitor performance
Provide performance feedback
Enhance organisation’s image
Use organisation's standards and values in conducting business
Question standards and values considered damaging to the organisation
Addressing behaviours that conflict with the organisation's standards and values
Effective leadership qualities
Qualities of an ineffective leader
Ensure personal performance contributes to developing an organisation with integrity and credibility
Make informed decisions
Define the issue
Gather data relevant to the issue
Organise information relevant to the issue
Decision making process
Decision making styles
Facilitating involvement in decision making
Facilitating group effectiveness
Assess options including risks and determine preferred course of action
Ensure decisions are timely
Communicate decisions clearly
Prepare and agree plans to implement decisions
Use feedback processes to effectively monitor the implementation and impact of decisions

Example Resources

There are 26 different videos used throughout this unit. Here's three picked at random: