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Carry out concreting to simple forms


Plan and prepare
Site Specific Induction - Interpretation
Preparing for concrete slab-on-ground
SWMS Interpretation - concreting
Safety Data Sheets
Signage and barricades
Work Instructions
Concreting tools
Digging tools
Handling Concreting materials
Storing Cement Lime and Plaster products
Environmental considerations
Numeracy for concreting/formwork
Perimeter for concreting/formwork
Area for concreting/formwork
Volume for concreting/formwork
Calculating material quantities
Concrete Materials
Erect and strip simple formwork
Identifying and checking the design of footing and/or slab
Preparing the sub-grade
Formwork release agents
Formwork designs
Place and tie reinforcement
Concrete Reinforcement - What is it?
Concrete Reinforcing - Purpose and placing
Reinforcing - Trench mesh requirements for beams and thickenings
Reinforcing - requirements for slabs - bars, mesh & chairs
Handling Reinforcing components
Place concrete
Preparing for concrete pour
Ordering pre-mixed concrete
Using a wheelbarrow
Concreting process (pumps, cranes & chute)
Concrete finishing - initial and final
Concrete Segregation
Clean up
Disposal of Litter and Debris
ACTIVITY - Cleaning up - Concreting
ACTIVITY - Check and store tools & equipment - Concreting
Trainer Sign-off 1 - Paperwork Received and Tasks Complete
Trainer Sign-off 2 - Benchmark Questions

Example Resources

There are 14 different videos used throughout this unit. Here's three picked at random: