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Glaze_reglaze residential windows and doors


Introduction to Glazing/reglazing residential windows and doors
Identify work requirements
Safety and PPE for Glazing
Types of Glass
Australian Standards and specifications
Prepare for work
Sequencing the job
Checking tools and equipment
Fixing and Sealing Materials
Identify site conditions and restraints
Types of Window and Door frames
Measuring glass
Preparing the work area
Perform glazing
Removing old glazing
Cutting glass
Applying Putty
Window glazing
Glazing doors and windows
Re-glazing aluminium windows
Complete work
Disposal of waste glazing material
Final checks
Trainer Verification
Practical Evidence and Tasks Complete
Trainer Sign-off - Benchmark Questions
Verification of Assesssment Requirements

Example Resources

There are 5 different videos used throughout this unit. Here's three picked at random: