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Handle construction materials


Plan and prepare
Planning and preparing the workplace
Plan Workplace Activities
Work Instructions
Construction Safety Plan
Work Health and Safety Acts
Duty of Care - Workers and Others
National Safety Standards
About Safety Data Sheets
SDS Interpretation - Cement
Calculate Quantities
Manually handle, sort, stack and store construction materials
What is a hazardous manual task
Characteristics of Hazardous Manual Tasks
Manual lifting techniques
Asbestos Awareness
Hand Signals and Construction Industry Terminology
Storage of Materials
Forklift Safety
Steel strapping safety
Fibre Cement Sheeting
Gyprock safety
Storing Sheet flooring
Lifting using pulleys
Properties of wood
Storing TImber on-site
Timber Increments
Storing Cement Lime and Plaster products
Storing bricks
Gas Cylinder Safety
Prepare for mechanical handling of materials
Safe Work Method Statements
SDS Interpretation - Fibre Cement Sheeting
Types of Signage
Communication and Teamwork
Reporting workplace environmental hazards
Being an effective team member_x
Communication Techniques and Equipment
Hazard/Incident reporting
Falls in Construction
Clean up
Environmental legislation
Environmental protection
Disposal of Litter and Debris
House Keeping
Dust in the work environment
Hazardous Substances
Emergency procedures
First Aid for Minor Injuries
Common Causes of Fire at Construction Sites

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