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Use wall and floor tiling tools and equipment

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Introduction to Tiling tools and equipment
Plan and prepare
Planning for Tiling Work
Environmental Requirements for Tiling
Noise Control
General Tiling Safety
Inspect power leads
Electrical safety
First Aid for Minor Injuries
Identify hand and power tools
Tape Measures
Spirit Levels
Tiling Tools
Water levels
Select tools for project
Scenario: Selecting Tools for a Tiling Project
Use tools
Using a Tile Nipper
Using a Tile Cutter
Using Trowels
Using Grouting Tools
Using a Grinder
Using a Masonry Drill
Select plant and equipment
Selecting plant and equipment
Portable Air Compressors
Using Plant and Equipment Safely
Use plant and equipment
Grouting Machines
Clean up
Equipment maintenance
Communication Skills
ACTIVITY: Use and Store Hand Tools
ACTIVITY: Use a Tile Nipper
ACTIVITY: Use a Tile Cutter
ACTIVITY: Use Trowels
ACTIVITY: Use a Grouting Tool
ACTIVITY: Use and Maintain a Grinder
ACTIVITY: Use a Masonry Drill
ACTIVITY: Set-up and Maintain a Generator
ACTIVITY: Reporting a Fault in Tiling Equipment
Reflecting on What You Learned
Trainer Sign-off
Required Communication Skills
CPCCWF2002A Verification of Assessment Requirements
Practical Evidence and Tasks Complete

Example Resources

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