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Construct, erect and dismantle formwork for stairs and ramps


Plan and prepare
Planning for Formwork
Traffic Hazards
Formwork materials and accessories - Thru Tie System
Formwork materials and accessories - Coil Tie System
Formwork - Design loads
Stairs - BCA and Definitions
SWMS Interpretation - concreting
Safety Data Sheets
What is formwork?
Formwork systems
Formwork - Preventing objects from falling
Formwork - Perimeter containment screening
SDS Interpretation - Form Release Agent
Concrete and Reinforcement
Concrete Materials
Concrete Reinforcement - What is it?
Concrete Reinforcing - Purpose and placing
Concrete Segregation
Set out formwork
Formwork - Member ID
Stairs - BCA Slope Ratio
Stairs - Complying with BCA requirements
Formwork designs
Formwork and economy issues
1 - Perimeter
2 - Material Quantities
3 - Costing
Assemble and erect formwork
Formwork - Entry and exit
Formwork - Material storage
Formwork - Foundations
Formwork - False Deck
Formwork - Installing bearers
Formwork - Fall protection
Formwork - Laying formply on the deck
Formwork - Penetrations
Formwork - Gaps in formwork
Causes of Formwork Failure
Bracing formwork
Selecting fasteners and fixings
Formwork release agents
Strip formwork
Formwork - Stripping formwork
Removing edge boxing and bracing/strutting supports
Formwork - Stripping formwork - SWMS
Formwork - Certification prior to stripping
Formwork - Exclusion zone
Formwork - Drop stripping
Installing block-outs and caste-in services
Clean up
Formwork - Rubbish storage and removal
Cleaning, oiling and storing steel formwork components
De-nailing, cleaning and storing/stacking timber components
Trainer Sign-off 1 - Paperwork Received and Tasks Complete
Trainer Sign-off 2 - Benchmark Questions - Formwork Stairs Ramps

Example Resources

There are 15 different videos used throughout this unit. Here's three picked at random: