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Apply structural principles to residential low rise constructions

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Introduction to Applying structural principles to residential low rise constructions
Apply structural principles when planning the erection or demolition of a structure
Structural principles - Loads
Structural principles - Forces
Structural principles - Properties
ACTIVITY: Structural principles - Structural members
Structural principles - Demolition
Analyse and plan for the structural integrity of Class1 and Class 10 buildings
Industry professionals
Prepare documentation
BCA requirements
Plan, coordinate and manage the laying of footings
Footing systems
Plan, coordinate and manage the laying of floor system
Termite protection methods
Floor systems
Support systems for floor frames
Calculating joists
Calculating bearer materials
Flooring quantities
Plan, coordinate and manage the building of structural and non-structural wall systems
LESSON: Tie Downs and Bracing
Wall frame components
Steps for constructing wall frames
Calculate stud length
Cripple studs
Quality and quantity of wall frame members
Wall systems
Advanced Framing Strategies
Constructing load bearing block walls
Control joints for block-work
Plan, coordinate and manage the building of roof system
Roof systems
Roof Types
Principles of roof truss design
Components of roof trusses
Truss - Transport and Storage
Lifting trusses
Positioning girder trusses
Camber in roof trusses
Internal wall brackets
Installation tolerances
Permanent Bracing
Setting out hip end trusses
Temporary bracing for hips and dutch-hips
Relevant Australian Standards for pitched roofs
Plan, coordinate and manage the external wall cladding of structure
How alterations affect energy ratings
Glazing and Thermal Performance
Vapour Barriers
Purpose of cladding
Cladding systems
Prepare for installation of exterior cladding
Overview of work to be done in cladding a wall
Fasteners and fixing systems
Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS)
Quality control of thermal efficiency measures
Sealing the Building Envelope
Application of structural principles to the planning and demolition of structures
Analysing and planning the structural integrity of buildings
ACTIVITY: Laying of footings
ACTIVITY: Laying of floor system
ACTIVITY: Installation of wall system
ACTIVITY: Roof Shapes - Drawing
ACTIVITY: Erection of roof system
ACTIVITY: Installation of wall cladding system
CPCCBC4010B Assessment Requirements
Trainer Guide - Assessment and Tasks Complete

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