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Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for low rise building projects

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Introduction to Applying building codes & standards to low rise building construction
National Construction Codes
NCC Standards interactive house
Access and interpret relevant code and standard requirements
NCC performance based code
Building regulation introduction
Building regulations structure
NCC (formerly BCA) hierarchy
NCC Volumes
Australian Standards for Plasterboard
Australian Standards for Brick and Block laying
AS3740:1994 Waterproofing of wet areas
Working drawings
Specifications used in construction drawings
Classify buildings
Apply defined classification
Multiple classifications
Determine nature of building
Analyse and apply a range of solutions to a construction problem for compliance with the BCA
Meeting performance
Developing performance solution
Structural reliability verification method
Climate and House Design
NCC and Climate Zones
Electrical Lighting
Apply fire protection requirements
Apply fire protection requirements
Fire prevention systems
BCA volume 2 Part 2.3 Fire Safety
Final Assessment
RESEARCH: Building codes and standards
KNOWLEDGE: Building classification
PROJECT: Suitable assessment method
RESEARCH: NCC Requirements for thermal efficiency
ACTIVITY: Solutions for fire safety
Practical Task
ACTIVITY: Teamwork Skills
SCENARIO: Identifying an alternative solution
PROJECT: Building application
Trainer Sign-off
Verification of Assessment Requirements
Unit Completion Procedure

Example Resources

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