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Select, procure and store construction materials for low rise projects

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Introduction to Selecting, procuring and storing construction materials for low rise projects
National Construction Codes
Identify and evaluate the properties of building materials
Suitability of materials for low rise buildings
Embodied Energy in the Built Environment
Quality standards and requirements
Compatibility of materials
Factors affecting properties of materials
Consideration of impacts on the environment
Paint Industry and Sustainability
Material selection
Life Cycle Analysis
Thermal Mass
Durability and Maintenance
PROJECT: Research properties of building materials
Ensure suitable building materials are selected for application
Selection of building materials
ACTIVITY: Interpret Code of Practice for Non-Conforming Building Products
Testing of materials
Structural Steel - Properties
Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS)
Asbestos in imported materials
Paint systems
Types of Tiles
Types of Bricks and Blocks
Materials for Block Masonry Construction
Types of Glass
Glazing and Thermal Performance
Plasterboard Materials
Types of Insulation
Insulation for Energy Efficiency
Home Heating
Electrical Lighting
Renewable energy :Solar Hot Water Systems
Renewable energy:Photo Voltaic Systems
How alterations affect energy ratings
ACTIVITY: Ensure selection of suitable building materials
Supervise the acceptance, safe handling and storage of materials on site
Building Site Environmental Management
Reducing Waste on the Work-site
Measurement - Summary
Common Causes of Fire at Construction Sites
Transportation and delivery of materials
Handling and storage of materials on site
Storage of Materials
Plasterboard Materials
Loading and unloading plasterboard
Storage of Plasterboard
Vapour Barriers
Timber Materials
Storing Sheet flooring
Timber Increments
Quality and quantity of wall frame members
Storing TImber on-site
Masonry Materials
Storing bricks
Storing Cement Lime and Plaster products
Caste-in Pods
Sequencing the concrete delivery
Storage of Tiling Materials
Fibre Cement Sheeting
House Keeping
Preservation processes
Final Assessment Tasks
ACTIVITY: Check Availability of Materials
SCENARIO: Placing an order
ACTIVITY: Controlling Site Deliveries
SCENARIO: Supervision procedures of materials on site
ACTIVITY: Storage of materials on-site
ACTIVITY: Ordering pre-mixed concrete
ACTIVITY: Evaluating test results
ACTIVITY: Reporting non-conformant on-site materials
ACTIVITY: Teamwork Skills
CPCCBC4006B Assessment Requirements
Unit Completion Procedure

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