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Some people have a fear that online training is dehumanising the classroom and the learning experience. As anyone who knows us will tell you, we at Ammonite believe the exact opposite is true - online learning can make huge inroads into actually making the learning experience a very personal experience for the students and the educators.

If done correctly!

Here is a link to Salman Khan's (Khan Academy) TED Talk. A different setting but the underlying message is the same - and he has some great charts and graphs from the data that has been collected on this topic...

Click here to watch Salman's video.

At Ammonite we passionately believe that training can be done better. Better for the students, trainers, employers as well as for the training organisations. We are delighted that our platform is assisting our client training organsiations to:

  • radically improve the student experience
  • unshackle their trainers so that they spend most of their time training
  • achieve compliance efficiently
  • the return on their investment they are looking for

In short, improving the service to their students and reducing the costs in their business!
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