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Plan building or construction work

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Introduction to Planning building or construction work
Appraise contract documentation to identify operational requirements
Building approval and conditions
Relevant regulations, codes and standards
Assess and identify operational requirements
Appraising contract documentation to identify operational requirements
Implement strategies for construction operations
Organisational strategies and risk management process
Implementation strategies for construction operations
CASE STUDY - Erecting Trusses
Prepare project schedule
Prepare construction operations and project schedules
Critical Path Methods
Preparing the project schedule
Determine required resources
Required resources
Determining the required resources
Prepare and submit condition reports
Preparation and submission of condition reports
Preparing and submitting the condition reports
PRACTICAL: Planning the Project
ACTIVITY: Investigating State Energy Efficiency Planning Requirements
ACTIVITY: Prepare a construction schedule bar chart
ACTIVITY: State Planning Requirements
ACTIVITY: Dilapidation Report for Residential Property
ACTIVITY: Interpreting a Site Environmental Management Plan
CPCCBC4007A Assessment Requirements
Trainer Sign-off - Practical Evidence and Tasks Complete