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Produce labour and material schedules for ordering

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What is a schedule?
Types of resources shown in schedules
Identify and apply all contract conditions to the schedules
Contractual requirements
Local Government Bodies
Legal requirements
Produce material and labour schedules, overlays and orders
Types of schedules
Drafting project schedules
Advanced Forms of Scheduling
Schedule applications
Use Schedules to place orders
Prepare site files
Contract and subcontract records
Record orders
Recording supply agreements
Recording costs
Monitor and report on project costs
Monitoring and reporting on project costs
Cost variations
Maintain data files of standard costs
Incorporating changes into site files
Identifying and applying contract conditions
PROJECT: Producing materials and labour schedules
Preparing site files
Monitoring and reporting project costs
Maintaining data files and standard costs
Practical Task
PROJECT: Create the Schedules
Trainer Verification
Verification of Assessment Requirememts
Practical Evidence and Tasks Complete