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Manage occupational health and safety in the building and construction workplace

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Introduction to Managing occupational health and safety in the building and construction workplace
Determine areas of potential risk in the building and construction workplace
Relevant State and Federal Legislation
Work Health and Safety Acts
Work Health and Safety Regulations
Duty of Care
National Safety Standards
National Code of Practice for Induction Training
Code of Practice
Risk Management and Process
Method Identifying Hazards
Electrical Hazards
Silica Hazards
Manual handling
Confined Spaces
Alcohol and Drugs
Possible Construction Emergencies
RESEARCH: Construction Safety Bulletins
Inspect and report on areas of specific risk
High Risk Activities
Young Workers and Risk
SCENARIO: Preventing Bullying and Harassment
Advise on implementation of control measures at the building and construction workplace
Hierarchy of Control
PPE Role in Controlling Risk
Regulatory Signage
Hazard Signage
Emergency Information Signs
Working at Heights
Using ladders
Noise Prevention
UV Radiation and Heat Exhaustion
Structural Collapse
Unplanned Collapse
Reducing the Risk of Injury From Plant
Asbestos risk management
House-keeping on-site
CASE STUDY - Erecting Trusses
SCENARIO - Voids in House Construction
Establish and review communications and educational programs
Australian Standard Contracts
Provisional Improvement Notice
Prohibition Notices
Emergency Plans
Types of Incidents/Accidents/Near Misses
Health and Safety Consultation
Work Health and Safety Inspectors
Establishing and reviewing communications and educational programs
Advise on implementation of control measures
ACTIVITY: Teamwork Skills
ACTIVITY: Relevant State Safety Legislation and Regulations
ACTIVITY: Interpret Code of Practice for Work Environment
RESEARCH: Construction Codes of Practice
ACTIVITY: Identify Potential risks and hazards
ACTIVITY: Identify Hazards on a Building Site
ACTIVITY: Create a WHS Management System
SCENARIO: Complete Accident Report
ACTIVITY: Identify location of asbestos
ACTIVITY: Establish Work-site Safety Communications
ACTIVITY: Conduct WHS audit
ACTIVITY: Communicate outcomes and recommendations
CPCCBC4002A Observation Checklist
Unit Completion Procedure

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