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Updated Resources

Despite us not making a lot of noise about them, (in fact no noise) our developers are consistently updating their resources and adding additional resources. The latest changes include :
  • Update An update to the Drowning video (developer - Coba)
  • NEW Plastering resoures (developer - Ammonite)
  • Update An update to the White Card course (developer - Ammonite)
  • NEW Wall and ceiling lining resources (developer - Edubytes)
  • NEW Electrical Awareness course (developer - Training Gate)
Our developers have been busy developing and updating their resorces and these are just some of the changes in the last couple of months. Click on either the Marketplace tab or the Courses Available tab to see the full details.

If you ahve any questions on the resources or would like assitance or guidance on developing resources, just give us a call on 1300 851 504.

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