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Online Training Myths

Not that long ago I attended a training course in Brisbane held by a highly regarded registered training organisation. It was a great chance to speak with like-minded trainers about their training needs. While speaking with different people around the room it became quite apparent that a lot of trainers either completely don’t understand online training or are overwhelmed by the idea of it.

Over the course of the conversations I was repeatedly told the same myths and misinformation. It made me wonder why industry seems to have such a negative reaction to online training and its value in the training industry. I even found myself targeted by the teacher in relation to verification.

  • Published in Blog

Online White Card Course that meets the concerns raised by the ASQA review?

There has been much debate of late about whether the White Card course can be done online in a way that addresses the concerns raised by the recent ASQA White Card review.(See the ASQA White Card review.)

These concerns need be addressed as they have implications for the future of e-learning.

At Ammonite, we believe that we have created a White Card course that utilises methods and technologies that address all of the issues raised. But, for a student to complete the course online they must have access to and use a webcam.


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