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Ammonite Market Place - Best Practice on Multimedia Learning

Are you confused with the countless opinions on best practices for creating effective multimedia content?

One incredibly valuable resource that, for years, has shaped our methodologies is a book called "e-Learning and the Science of Instruction" by Clark and Mayer.

Rather than opinions and personal philosophies, this book is based on the scientific theory of how people learn, and the results from over twenty-five years of research on multimedia learning. It is a fact, supported by scientific evidence, that when used correctly, multimedia learning resources have the highest learning outcome.

  • Published in Blog

70k views on Ammonite’s Marketplace

A significant milestone was passed this week with more than 70,000 views of e-learning objects or SCO’s from the Ammonite Marketplace.

Ammonite’s Marketplace now hosts nearly 1,400 learning objects created by an ever greater number of passionate content and multimedia experts.


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