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Video Response Technology

Ammonite's Video Response Technology allows course designers to include questions that require the student to respond by recording a video through their webcam.

It is a powerful assessment instrument particularly suited to situations where verbal communication is required. Having audio and video of the student definitely answers any authenticity concerns. It can be recalled at any stage in the future to provide evidence at audit, beyond what most classroom or face to face training can offer.

And of course the communication is two way! A trainer can send their own video feedback back to the student. The flexibility and convienence of online training is maintained without losing the personal touch of one-on-one mentoring.

Watch the following quick video on our Video Response Technology:

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Exciting new VET in Schools Program

Ammonite’s VET in Schools program enables schools to deliver Certificate l in Construction and Certificate l in Furnishing utilising intuitive and engaging learning resources that provides high quality, standardised training and assessments to all students.

Each school will receive their own customised version of our industry leading platform where students, teachers and administrators can login without leaving the school’s web page.

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Predictions for the future of education

Innovation at Ammonite is not really a huge issue, it’s just a way of life. If something can be done better, needs to be done, if technology can assist or simplify tasks, learning activities or processes, if administration procedures can be automated - then it's just done, without fuss. It’s just a way of life for us.


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