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Security Flaws in Many Online Assessments

I quite often come across online assessments that allow students to easily cheat. Whilst I don't believe these companies would knowingly do this, it still astounds me as these mistakes are elementary.

It is the online equivalent to handing out a paper based assessment, with the answer sheet stapled to the last page. Let me show you.

Here's a question from a real online White Card course (although I've purposely hidden the identity of the RTO):

Sample Question

Step 1: View the source. One way to do this, for instance in Google Chrome, is to right click on one of the options and select "Inspect Element" from the menu:

Sample Question

Step 2: Read. The source of the page is now viewable below, and you can easily see this 'Yes' option I clicked on has the value of "CORRECT":

Sample Question

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