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Quality Indicator Reporting

Quality Indicator Reporting

Just a reminder that RTO's have statutory requirements to submit an Annual Summary Report of the Learner and Employer Questionaires to ASQA by the 30th June 2016.

We have designed our platform to streamline administrative processes, especially with respect to the requirements of the VET sector. Consequently the Ammonite TOMS can automatically distribute, record and then collate the results of these questionaires for you. This leaves RTO's the more important task of reviewing and acting on these results.


Ammonite TOMS distributes these questionaires either through automated emails at the conclusion of each particpants course, or alternatively it can be configured to be collected natively in the students learning environment.


The responses to these survey's are recorded even if the participant partially completes it and does not hit the save button!


All of these responses can be collated in a report and should be idealy monitored at each months management meeting.

For those that hand out paperbased questionaire's, we've also added the ability for you to enter these into Ammonite, so you too can take advantage of the powerful reporting features.

Click here to learn more about the Quality Indictor reporting requirements.

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