We have recently presented at a number of CPSISC workshops including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and tomorrow in Canberra.

Our presentation is based on how Ammonite addresses authenticity concerns. We will be demonstrating fantastic features of our platform including:

  • taking webcam photos of the students throughout the course, and
  • recording live video and audio of a students response

This video response system is absolutely fantastic. Perfectly addresses authenticity and validity concerns. It is absolutely ideal when the student is required to verbally demonstrate or respond to a scenario.

It is incredibly flexible. A student can record their video at a time that suits them, and submit it for the trainer to mark against a series of benchmark responses. Their video is also kept as evidence forever.

We will also be demonstrating many other features including how we have built compliance throughout the platform, our RPL process, and the ease at which valid assessments can be created using the tools and methodologies we have implemented.