Mike and Tim from the Ammonite/Inscope team have returned from the annual CPSISC E-learning RTO Cooperative Workshop held in Sydney on the 10th and 11th of September. A key focus of the workshop was concerns that have been raised by industry, ASQA and CPSISC about the delivery of the White Card, especially in an online mode.

Tim and Mike were able to share their expertise in delivering this course by presenting real examples of students who completed the course using Ammonite’s Validity Assessment Technology which not only identified the applicants but also addressed the issues where students are required to identify hazards, ask questions and participate in general communication.

Real examples were presented to the audience which highlighted how impressive Ammonites use of our video response technology can be. Using these technologies together with great courses can't help but to provide confidence in online training once again.

The conference also showcased some of industry’s leading e-learning providers who presented unique and different solutions that are being successfully used to deliver quality learning and training to a broad clientele in a variety of industries.