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Forgeries - Impossible to stop?

Forgeries - Impossible to stop?

What document can’t be changed or fraudulently manipulated? The federal police have their hands full identifying and bringing to justice counterfeiters of the Australian currency for goodness sake. What chance do Training Organisations have at eliminating scanning, copying and manipulating qualification certificates?

That question has led Ammonite to improve their already industry leading ‘Certificate Verification Technology’. We needed to think out of the box and recognise that it’s pretty near impossible to prevent fraudulent manipulation. What if there was another way, a foolproof way.

There is. Ammonite has introduced a QR code onto their Certificates and Statements of Attainment. When scanned (with freely available QR scanning Apps) the QR code reveals the name of the applicant, the qualification or unit achieved and the date on which the result was issued. If the QR code was somehow manipulated, the result would show, well nothing, no record of result.

The QR Code incorporates 64 bit encryption, meaning that it’s extremely secure. Imagine if every Training Organisation implemented this solution. Confidence would immediately be returned to the presentation of results. No-one could present qualifications that they had not rightfully achieved.

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