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Crossfit Regionals 2016

To keep us at the forefront of innovation, we continually embrace progressive practices throughout our lives. Our office environment/culture is certainly not immune either. To combat the issues surrounding 'sitting is the new smoking' the entire office has switched to standing desks months ago.

Combined with the occasional lunchtime workout, and the 30 minute pushup timer (which comes around all too quickly!) all of the staff here at Ammonite also do Crossfit.

Ammonite would like to especially congratulate Tim Harris on his recent achievement in making the Crossfit Regionals for 2016 in the Asia / Pacific region. Tim placed 7th in Australia in the Crossfit Open which is an awesome effort. Well done!

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Rewards for the Development Team

The old proverb, “Self-praise is no recommendation” is very true. So while we at Ammonite are passionate about the innovations that are being continuously implemented into the Ammonite TOMS learning platform and the automation of almost everything that can be automated, it is great to see our platform come through the rigors of audits from multiple organisations without any non-compliances and as yet, not even a suggested improvement.

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