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Michi Harris

Michi Harris

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User Group - Trainer Dashboard

Thank you to everyone who attended our May User Group. Based on the amazing feedback we have received, the new Trainer Dashboard that we demonstrated appears to be a hit! We could not be more delighted that you are so happy with the new dashboard.

Here is the recording from the webinar. Don't forget that you can find an instruction video on the new dashboard on the Help button.

Let us know what you think, as well as suggestions for future improvements.

See you at the next meeting on the 14th of June. If you would like to join us just email Jim at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Trainer Dasboard

Online Training Myths

Online Training Myths

Not that long ago I attended a training course in Brisbane held by a highly regarded registered training organisation. It was a great chance to speak with like-minded trainers about their training needs. While speaking with different people around the room it became quite apparent that a lot of trainers either completely don’t understand online training or are overwhelmed by the idea of it.

Over the course of the conversations I was repeatedly told the same myths and misinformation. It made me wonder why industry seems to have such a negative reaction to online training and its value in the training industry. I even found myself targeted by the teacher in relation to verification.


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