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It seems so obvious to us that education/training can be better. By better, we mean that it can be more engaging, up to date and available on demand. Two videos that I have re-watched recently not only support our view but actually highlight the necessity for change.

The first video, RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms, basically highlights how the current educational delivery approach, which has been used in education since the industrial revolution, is failing students, in this, the most exciting and dynamic time in human history. Ken Robinson clearly identifies how the currently used old world model fails to solve the problems of the current and future world.

While the second video “The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn” is about a seemingly different topic, it too makes it very clear that the current model of education/training must improve greatly to equip people to survive in an environment where knowledge and skills are increasing at an expediential rate. While the author, Jeremy Howard is very excited about the unstoppable potential of deep learning by computers, he raises some concerns as he states that “80 percent of the world's employment in the developed world is stuff that computers have just learned how to do”

Time has now passed where education/training can be delivered in a way that causes disinterest or disengagement and/or causes students to become bored.