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It’s now well known that Ammonite’s TOMS platform is pretty revolutionary in its ease of use, functionality and focus on authenticity and validity but a recently added feature, the Skills Safe Card adds another level of innovation.

Click onto the movie to get a quick overview of the power and potential of the Skills Safe card.

We are committed to training properly and we have adapted our processes to develop a system that would be great for doing site specific inductions as well.

Our guiding principles are simple:

  • To make it easy and cheap to conduct valid inductions
  • To provide workers and employers easy access to up-to-date records of inductions, licences and qualifications on a swipe card (our Skill Safe card)
  • To be able to easily create and modify induction courses as needed

The great feedback we've received from Hutchinson Builders who will are rolling out our system on some of their sites has been so encouraging that we feel you might be interested as well.

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