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Testing for a student’s Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) skills continues to be an issue for training organsations, especially those delivering online.

Ammonite has developed a language literacy and numeracy indicator tool using the video response assessment type.

How can we assess for example oral communication skills in the online environment?

We at Ammonite believe that our video response assessment tools go a long way to making such an assessment possible.

Ammonite has developed a language literacy and numeracy tool designed to approximate a candidate’s performance against the core skills of learning, reading, writing, oral communication and numeracy.

Preventing the indicator tool from becoming too daunting for candidates to do, has been an important design consideration. For this reason we have restricted the tool to 20 questions assessing skills to ACSF levels 1 - 3.

However ACSF levels 4 and or 5 could easily be added if the need was identified.

Many thanks to Precision Consultancy for their great work and inspiration in designing some of the assessments that we have used in our indicator tool.

Below is a short video showing the key features of our LLN Indicator tool…